The top 5 things that go wrong with too-fast construction

The Top 5 Things That Go Wrong in Too-Fast Construction

It's no secret that, up until the last two years, new home construction in this country was done at a breakneck pace.  Unfortunately, that means that some corners have to be cut.  From a lack of qualified craftsmen building homes to overlooked factors in the design phase, we're going to be facing several common issues as the homes built in the last ten years age and shake out their flaws.  From the article:


To keep up with the frenetic pace of construction, corners were most definitely cut [source: Toy]. Developers put pressure on contractors to build cheap and fast... Contractors, pinched for experienced subcontractors, sometimes hired teams of unskilled laborers to handle critical tasks like pouring foundations, hanging windows and shingling roofs. A shortage of quality building materials led to cheap, unstable substitutions. If that wasn't enough, building inspectors were often so crunched for time that they often relied on spot checks that overlooked serious design and construction flaws.

Most of these problems could have been avoided with the use of good plans and experienced labor, but the good news is that there's going to be a market for contractors that know how to correct these problems.