Would You Take a Heart Transplant from the "Lowest" Bidder??

If low price is all people are REALLY  concerned with.....why don't we auction off our medical needs??  The care is always the same RIGHT???.  Doctors are doctors, they all have to be educated, licensed and certified.  Whether they received their degree's from the University of Grenada....remember Grenada...or Harvard Med...what's the difference??  They're all doctors...RIGHT??  A heart transplant will be identical no matter who performs the surgery....The pre-op and post-op care should be impossible to tell apart.....all things being equal the costs should be no different.  We should be able to negotiate a lower price since there's really no apparent difference......RIGHT???? 


Now lets look at our businesses.  Whether we distribute or install, there's no real difference between us and our competition....RIGHT???  We are indistinguishable from competitors...We've all been trained the same RIGHT??  Our experience and services are identical RIGHT???  We offer products that are indistiguishable from our competition....install/support them exactly the same...pre and post job service is impossible to tell apart RIGHT???  Since there's no apparent difference between us and our competition,  why wouldn't our prices be identical.....and better yet....negotiable.


Truth is we are not all the same.  Low price does not always mean low cost.  As consumers/business owners we need to look at the over all value through the lifetime of our investments....whether they be investments in our health or our homes.  The saying "You get what you pay for," has never been more true.  Know what you're getting, do the research, take time to understand what exactly is being provided.  Anyone can prey on price....it takes no special skill.