Can Your Quote Sell??

Do you know the difference between quoting and selling??   We all quote every day. We review the job specs, create the bill of material, calculate the costs, put our mark-ups on and prepare a price.  With training anyone can prepare a quote.  The truth is, quoting is not selling!!   The trick to selling is differentiating yourself, your products, your services and your company.  The real difference is marketing.  Marketing sets the stage allowing you the opportunity to sell.  Marketing is an activity, it's something that you do.  Selling uses all the tools marketing provides to help you close orders.  You can't do one without the other.  Get the marketing right and the sales will flow....get it wrong and you're just one of the crowd.  What makes you different and unique from your competition??  How does the market perceive you, your company, your services??  What does your quote tell them??


You don't have to spend a fortune on tv, radio, print or promotions.  You can market right through your quotes.  Offer options...good, better, best.  Have a portfolio of pictures of your completed work.  Get customer testimonials and include them in your presentation.  Include the certificates of training you and your crews have completed.  Offer warranties and explain pro-rating. Include this in your quotes.  Make the customer ask questions.  This gives you the chance to sell !! 


You have to realize that when your asked to provide a quote, you've been given an opportunity to show customers why they should be buying from you...You've been given an opportuntiy to sell.