Hail Yes

Every year mother nature throws us a few curve balls, and once in a while they are frozen solid. This year is starting off early with reports of hail statewide. If you are reading this, chances are there is a reason, and that reason is because you have been impacted in some way. Typically, property owners should not get concerned about damage if the hail stones are less than 2" in diameter. But if the wind is a whistling, and the stones are frozen hard, 1-1/2" hail stones can wreak havoc on your property's exterior and may warrant closer inspection.

Don't fret, only severe storms with hail stones in excess of 2-1/2" typically create the type of damage that warrants emergency repairs. Contact your insurance company and request an inspection. If your neighbor's roof, siding, or windows are being replaced, there is a good chance your property has been damaged as well.

Do your homework. If you are getting a settlement from your insurer, spend it wisely. Some insurance companies will offer services to replace damaged roofs and sidewalls, but these services have implications. Many times they may use contractors and product distributors that don't contribute to your local economy.  Local contractors and distributors keep more of your money working locally.  They're often your friends and neighbors.  Also, now is the time to upgrade. If you have a settlement in hand for a full roof replacement, there will never be a better time to have an investment grade product installed on your property.

Consider the following when selecting products:

  • What is the warranty period?  Is it a transferable warranty?
  • Is the warranty pro-rated? Many manufacturers offer warranties of up to 50 years non-prorated including full replacement!
  • Does the product qualify for the energy star tax incentive (up to $1,500)?
  • Is the product impact resistant?